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This is more than a private membership site, this is an organization committed to providing its members a 

complete step-by-step formula to become finally independent and

un- vulnerable to any systems of greed

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Without a doubt, there is a planned attack to keep you at the bottom of the economic ladder as possible.

You must and stop thinking, the government, your employer, or anyone else for that matter is going to ride in on a white horse and rescue you economically. You must take matters in your own hands. We believe God has given us divine insights,

and tools to become completely free.

"The System"

You've Heard It Before, Systems Create

Success Our Success is in Our System



Please understand the big game is to keep us all amused with entertainment from television social media politics news, etc. all of these are distractions to suck your energy out of you, these distractions behind, the scene slowly but cleverly are robbing you your children and grandchildren.  The few who control it all, are continuing to stack the odds in their favor and for their children. THIS MADNESS MUST STOP. If you are serious about becoming free and when we say free we mean Where you do not depend upon the government for finances or a regular job. We’ve created a system that is free from the crash of the stock market, it’s free from real estate going up or down, it’s free from you having a place to work or not, it is free from you having government assistance.



Our Membership is Based On a Covenant (That we are stronger together 


Give a portion to seven, and also to seven; for you know not

what evil shall be upon the earth. (Ecclesiastes 11:2)


Our program is built on a team of seven people

the team creates its own economy that eventually leads to

financial independence for the whole team.

 We define financial independence as not having to be financially

dependent on the government or a regular job.


You should really thank the person who invited you to this site!





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