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How The Program Works.

A Subscription Base Membership Program



Our subscription is what makes the program possible we would prefer you not become a member until you had a chance to thoroughly check us out… until you’re comfortable becoming part of a covenant. We prefer unless you can make the kind of commitment that’s up there with a covenant that you do not join.


In other words… When you decide you want to be apart we want you to understand the value of your membership subscription and therefore you will always make sure it is paid because you understand the covenant you have with this community. “Paying your membership is paying yourself”


Members subscribe to our monthly subscription for a small weekly membership fee of  $12.95 this membership fee allows our members to participate in our programs which offers incredible resources in are privet members-only library of products and programs that most people do not have access to. 


Using the volume of the group members are able to take advantage of these programs without any additional charges as long as their weekly membership subscription is paid. 


Each member also has the opportunity to earn Gold stars!  Stars are how members advanced through our income-generating portion of the program.


When members earn stars it allows them to use their stars for additional programs as well as autopilot income as long as the membership stays active.

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