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Please Read to Understand About us and Our Missions
(Very Important)

Our mission has always been and remains to create a platform, a vehicle, a community so people of faith can plug into and create autopilot cash flow by way of residual income through membership subscriptions. Allowing our members to continue operating in the various ministries, missions, fulfilling the mandate that they believe God has called them to fulfill without having to be depended upon A ministry or organization in which they are serving for a paycheck.  As well as not having to depend upon a paycheck from a traditional job or government.



Giving the individual complete flexibility and freedom to serve without money ever being an issue. (We would like to be very clear: We do not think in any way that there’s something wrong with an organization or ministry financially supporting those who work for their organization)


We created an economic system that is inflation-proof, real estate proof, currency proof, stock market proof, job market. Our economic system is completely dependent upon our member's subscription to the services in which we provide.

Each service must create value for our community as well as sustainability in the infrastructure in which we are partnering. 

Our members plug into our economic system and gain access from mentors, ministries, models while at the same time continue their own individual work that fits their unique calling.


We wanted to make sure we created a system to help people make the transition to doing what they loved to do and what they felt a passion to do but had no financial infrastructure that could sustain them as they served.

Our community of value and model that we offer will not interfere interrupt or impede upon your brand, or style or your identity you continue to do what you do the way you do it,


Our community is your infrastructure because we are stronger together and there’s power in numbers.

You might come into this organization for the income sustainability at first but we believe you will stay because of the community that we created.

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